Healthy eating

Healthy Eating

If you use some general rules of thumb to eating, you can dramatically improve your physique.

1. Eat breakfast like a king, dinner like a gentleman and tea like a pauper

This encourages portion control and makes sure you have energy when you need it, through the day; while also not having a full stomach when you go to bed and storing energy as fat.

2. If you cant tell what animal or vegetable it is when its on your plate, don’t eat it.

This makes sure you don’t eat too many processed foods with additives, preservatives, E-numbers and hydrogenated fats. All of which are high in processed foods.

3. Make sure you have a balanced diet.

As human being, we are designed to eat more fruit and vegetables than meat. So don’t do “fad diets” (like the Atkins) as the weight will go straight back on again when you eat normally. A little bit of everything is not too bad for you. Treat yourself once a week with a little something that you like, but don’t gorge yourself on it!

4. If you want a snack eat a piece of fruit.

5. The “so-called” healthy options at Fast food restaurants are hardly ever “healthy” so don’t be fooled!!!!!!

6. The devil is in the sauce.

The bad-things that will ruin a healthy meal are normally in the sauces that are added for that extra “flavour”.

Tomato sauce, mayonnaise, Caesar dressing, extra cheese, diane sauce, pepper sauce….all of these will ruin a perfectly healthy meal.

This is because the contents of the sauce are mainly fats, oils, salt, sugar which are bad for your heart and cholesterol. They will also make you retain water and add weight.

Drink more water

Ideally the recommended daily quota is around 8-glasses. This will equate to approximately 1.5 to 2 litres per day. However if you are training hard and sweating, this can be increased up to 3 to 4 litres a day.

The key to this is start slowly.

Start off trying to abide by one of the general rules above. After a month or so, this should be becoming second nature. You can then start trying one of the other guidelines.

There is no pressure, as all these are self-imposed goals and aspirations. All we are trying to do is offer guidance and help you attain your objective.