Q.) Which is the best class to start with?

A.) It depends on what you want to achieve.

The Monday/Wednesday/Sunday classes are suitable for everyone and is great for learning thaiboxing technique. We have many different levels within the class, so you will be able to observe the more experienced guys and gals deliever technique to the pads, outside of the standard instruction. If you are interested in boosting your fitness then the Thurs/Friday classes are great (Box-Fit/Thai-fit). Once you establish your base-line functional fitness you can see how much growth you can take from doing these classes. Because the class revolves around functional fitness, core stability and balance, this is ideal for everybody. It will make everyday tasks so much easier….

The Sunday class is a lower intensity class with more of a focus on co-ordination and learning the techniques of Muay Thai. There are various levels of ability in the class, so even if you are ‘drilling’ technique that you have covered before this will develop your muscle-memory and make these techniques easier to deliver. This is where you will also learn to block and defend yourself correctly.

All these techniques can then be applied in a more -real-time situation at the Tuesday class, when we use the fitness and technique together, in sparring. If you are interested in sparring, there are drills to establish that base-level experience so you are ready to spar. The guys and girls who attend do not take liberties, and Rich runs a pretty tight-ship over people who take things a bit too heavy.

The BJJ (Brazilian Ju Jitsu) Classes are open to everyone, as we learn specific techniques and then go in to non-impact rolling, which is similar to wrestling.

Q:       Am I too old? Am I too young?

A:         At Chokdee, we have an open-door policy. If you want to learn a martial art or get fit, then we welcome you with open arms. Its more about your attitude to learning than your chronological age. The oldest member of Chokdee is 65yrs old and still kicking hard!!!! :)

Q.      Is it just for men?

A:       No, this is open to everybody

Q.       I have never done it before, will I be OK?

A:        Yes. We all have to start somewhere, and where better than with a World Champion. Rich Cadden is one of the most experienced coaches in the UK and is known as the Father of Professional Muay Thai in York. He always makes sure that you are safe and have the skills to deal with the task at hand, in a reassuring, calm, non-intimidating way.

Q.      Do I need to be fit before I come?

A:      Muay Thai training is all about functional fitness, so whatever level of fitness (or not as the case may be!) you will get fitter by attending the classes. There is no real replication of the fitness required for thaiboxing, so the best option is to start at the classes and this will get you fit, in the correct way.

If you think you are already fit, then there are specialist classes which will push those bounderies!

Q.      What shall I wear?

A:      You can wear shorts and t-shirt. Sometimes people feel a bit more comfortable in jogging bottoms, but as your flexibility increases these can end up being a bit restrictive. Most people train in bare feet, but if you want to wear trainers for the fitness class you can. When we come to doing the technique work, utilising kicks, then this is always done in bare feet.

Q.        What do I need?

A:         To start with you do not need any equipment. There are gloves to borrow. When you decide that you want to stay then we recommend you invest in your own equipment for cleanliness and safety.

Q.       Do I need to tell you I’m coming?

A:       You do not need to tell me that you are coming to classes but if you want to book in for the personal training sessions, then this has to be booked before hand. We also run a 24hr cancellation rule. If you cancel within 24hrs, then you have to pay the full price of the session as the instructors time has been booked out.

Q.      Can I come on my own or do I need a partner?

A:     You can come on your own, and the instructor will pair you up if you are doing partner work. There are certain exercises that you will do by yourself and these can be carried over in to home workouts for the really committed! :)

Q.         Will I get hit?

A:         No. All classes are in a controlled environment, and you will be taught how to defend yourself correctly

Q.        I want to fight, what is the process?

A:       First and fore-most regular attendance at the classes is a must. Then once you have achieved a certain level within the sparring class, and made it known to Rich that you want to fight, there will be extra sessions and a defined protocol to follow. This includes monitoring your body-fat levels, diet, fitness to make sure you are at the peak of fitness and carry on the solid reputation of Chokdee fighters.

Q.       What does it cost?

A:        £6.50 per class/ £10 for 2 sessions back-to-back, Or the £49.50 Monthly fee for any of standard instructor classes, run by Rich and Jo.

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