Personal Services

Personal training sessions are available  with Rich at Chokdee Academy.

This can focus on any area that you specifically want to work on;

  • Learning the art of Muay Thai
  • Learning how to box
  • Learn self-defence
  • Learn judo and wrestling
  • Learn mixed martial arts
  • Learn how to use kettlebells and other functional fitness equipment
  • Improving cardio-vascular fitness
  • Improving strength and conditioning
  • Circuit training
  • Diet and nutrition consultations
  • Stress busting sessions

If you want to book one of these sessions, there are several ways to contact Rich:

“I used to train in muay thai a few years ago, or so I thought; But after attending just one of Rich’s classes I realised that the other gym where I used to train just taught raw fighting. I have now been training with Rich for 4-months and I have learnt more in this 4-months than I did 4-years training at my old gym!!!! Rich has a great way of explaining things to make sure we all get the techniques right. I cant recommend him enough!!!!”  GH – York