Clinch and Elbows

Clinch and Elbows

A whole seminar working specifically on clinch-work and elbows; Something which Rich is famed for during his exciting fights.

This seminar is also ideal for MMA (mixed martial arts) and is one of the most under-used tools in the striking arts.

After spending such a long time training in Thailand, this is one of Rich’s specialities.

Learn how to:

  • Control the ring (footwork)
  • Use the ring to your advantage
  • Clinch and grappling techniques which will double your power
  • Knee more effectively
  • Use elbows from different ranges and different angles
  • Feed elbows in to technique
  • Land elbows more effectively

Due to Rich’s success with these techniques, he is one of the few Westerners to have featured on the front cover of Muay Siam magazine, and this shows how well respected he is by such a knowledgable audience.

To book a seminar, contact Rich via e-mail ( or by phone/text message on 07887 812 139.

“Despite doing some crazy exercises in the seminar, I now see how these work and its made my clinch work so much better. Thanks mate!” MC – Manchester

“Great fun seminar. Learnt loads of the tricky things that make clinchwork more fun and effective” DM – Scotland