Sports Performance Mind Coaching

  • How many times have you been to the gym this month?
  • How many times have you had a mental work out, focusing on yourself?
  • Do you ever get nervous or stressed before an event?
  • Do you know you can perform better than you did at your last event?

As a Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis, Rich has helped hundreds of fighters and sports people hone their mental performance beyond what they thought possible.

Ask any sports-person and they will tell you that most sport is 10% physical, 90% mental, and yet this is one of the most overlooked areas in sporting performance.

This is now your opportunity to get one of the countries best sports performance mind coaches to deliver a seminar at your gym.

To book a session, contact Rich via e-mail ( or by phone/text message on 07887 812 139.