Thai Boxing

Thai Boxing

After spending the past 15-years travelling backwards and forwards to Thailand, Rich has a very special blend of technique and experience unrivalled in the UK. Rich overcame the language barrier and trained, the hard way, along side some of the great legends of the sport. This invested over £70,000 in learning this ancient art from the Masters in Thailand and is now making it available to you for a fraction of the cost.

Linking together his specialist lingustic training and educational techniques, Rich is now looking to pass this experience on to people around the UK, Europe, USA and the Middle East.

This seminar touches on all area’s of muay thai, from foot-work and ring-craft, to developing your own bespoke specialist techniques that will work in competition.

To book a seminar contact Rich via e-mail ( or by phone/text message on 07887 812 139.

“I learnt more in this seminar than I did with the famous Ramon Dekkers!!!! There is only one Ramon Dekkers, but Rich instructs so well that everybody learnt some real world-class technique” DN – Ireland

We have had Rich deliver 4 seminars at our gym now. He is such a wealth of knowledge. You can really tell his experience and perfectionism” JM – Scotland

“Although Rich covered several basic techniques, he  showed me how to apply these techniques in a better way so that I can score better. Just this one seminar has helped me, and now I know how to win, I havent lost a fight since” DJ – Manchester