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Timetable 2015

Chokdee Academy
Unit 24 Rose Avenue
York Business Park
Nether Poppleton
YO26 6RR


The Academy is fitted out with a mass of equipment including: Boxing Gloves, Focus Mitts, Thai Pads, Jump Ropes, Sit-up Mats, Exercise balls, Hand Weights, Loose weights and kettlebells.
The flooring is the ‘platinum edition’ of safety flooring and is built the same as kevlar. It has several layers of different types of foam to allow for a feature known as ‘Progressive Compression’. This means that the more weight that is put on it, the more dampening effect the foam has. Standard jig-saw matting has ‘equal compression’ so tends to bottom out when big guys fall. This is more than 10x the cost of the standard jig-saw matting you see in most martial arts gyms as we take safety so seriously.


Members generally wear Chok Dee Thai boxing shorts and a vest or club t-shirt. For newer members jogging bottoms are fine, but as you progress you may find these a bit restrictive as your flexibility improves.


Ankle supports and hand wraps are generally recommended to support the joints and protect against any potential strain or impact injury. Although not necessary in your first couple of weeks, these items are always available and relatively inexpensive. We hold a few pairs of gloves and shin guards which people can borrow, but for hygene we recommend buying your own equipment as soon as possible.

Other protective Thai boxing equipment such as Shin Guards, Gum Guards and Boxing Gloves are also readily available to purchase before/after classes.

“The Number One Thaiboxing Gym in York”