Kid’s Thai – Monday and Friday

Monday and Friday – 5:30pm – 6:15pm

The ‘Kids Thai’ class is taken by Two-times World Champion Richard Cadden. This York thai boxing class focuses on developing your son or daughter with confidence and respect whilst strengthen the whole body. We make the classes fun and exciting, playing games whilst also learning the art of Thai boxing.

In Thailand, the sport is known as the ‘Deadly Dance’, implying that the moves of thaiboxing shoukld be executed with the grace and finesse of a dancer whilst also removing any aggression/tension.
You will regularly see thaiboxers play-sparring, laughing and joking, as the game of thaiboxing is a question of timing, reactions and strategy…..essentially like a game of physical chess.

Studys have shown that students who partake in martial arts (whether thaiboxing or ju-jitsu), increase their confidence and problem-solving capabilities; So this is not just a physical work out, its a mental work out as well (whilst having fun).