Thai Boxing Technique: Sunday 5:30pm til 7pm

Sunday night – 5:30pm till 7:00pm

After a good warm up at the stretching area we move in to the studio where we focus on the technical content of Muay Thai. Working predominantly on sparring/competition techniques with a partner, We aim to develop enough skill to control the level of contact. This provides a much safer environment for all ages and abilities in which to practice Muay Thai. The techniques are perfected through pad work. Then once the techniques are performed proficiently to the instructor’s satisfaction practitioners are moved in to a sparring situation where the focus turns in to spotting opportunities to deliver the technique in a controlled manner so that both partners improve together. In pad work we develop speed, strength and agility. In sparring we develop timing and composure. Linking together the speed, strength, agility, timing and composure to develop each and every individual in to a proficient Nak-Muay (Thai Boxer).