The most “Creative Fighters”

I have just watched the latest Horizon programme on creative and divergent thinking, and I was intrigued how this could apply to muay thai and coaching in general.

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There were a few questions that sprung up for me, and would love to hear your thoughts on how this applies from your experience.

OK….So here goes.
Some of these ideas could be pretty ‘out-there’, but as we are learning, this is the cutting edge experience we are gleaning from science and psychology

• If you flash information to the right visual field and it goes to the left brain (logic)
• If you flash information to the left visual field and it goes to the right brain (creative)
Therefore, this implies that orthodox fighters are more instinctive and creative as they observe the fight more with their left eye than their right.

Brain function and fields of vision

Brain function and fields of vision

From a coaching perspective, you could make students watch demonstrations of technique, only using their left eye (covering up their right eye with their hand)
[EDIT: Just been corrected by one of my psychology student friends, and its apparently, left field of vision regardless of which eye it is. So as a coaching point, make students angle themselves so they see the demonstration in the left field of vision (just turn to one side)]

Here’s another couple of angles in how this can have an effect on your everyday life:
• I don’t know if any of you are/know an optician but I am aware that we all have a ‘dominant eye’. Can being left or right eye dominant will have an effect on your creativity? This could suggest how different students grasp certain ideas and others don’t…..

• Does the ear in which you listen affect the creativity, when you are on the phone?
You could make students ‘angle themselves’ so they are listening more with their right ear, and hence prompting the creative cortex more readily

• Are having a “standard” class warm-up, stretch and generic drills, slowing down creativity?

New ideas and different training can develop new creative thinking.
Keep the training fresh and unexpected training can develop more creative fighters.

Now the question is….how brave are you to try something new, and potentially boost your creativity to new levels

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