The Muay Thai Jigsaw

So… I was thinking the other day about how to best describe Muay Thai to my new beginners at Chokdee Academy. I came up with this analogy which I later recognised is a great description of how to learn, so thought I would share it with you guys.
jigsaw pieces
Each individual technique has its own individual piece. So the individual pieces of the jig saw are:
• Jab
• Cross
• Uppercut
• Hook
• Stance
• Footwork
• Body kick
• Low kick
• Head kick
• Push kick
• Knee
• Long knee
• Swing knee
• Clinch

Once you have learnt these correct individual moves, you are learning the shapes of the jigsaw pieces and how they fit together. The second half of one move is the first half of the next.
“This is why a jab flows seamlessly in to a cross”
You start to learn that the rotational twist required in each of the moves complement each other, and you can learn to build combinations by yourself (so long as you learn the correct details of the component parts).

This takes care of the attacking side of Muay Thai, but what about defence….well….
You simply have to turn the jigsaw over and you learn the ‘inverse’ of the move.

As your Muay Thai experience grows, you learn that the simple 14 jigsaw pieces grow way beyond the “5yr olds” jigsaw that you initially started building.

All the pieces start fitting together

All the pieces start fitting together

All of a sudden it has morphed in to this 5000-piece jigsaw of blue sky and clouds….and it has also turned in to a 3-D jigsaw and the pieces fit together vertically as well.

And then you learn how complex this jigsaw can get....

And then you learn how complex this jigsaw can get….

So if you think you know Muay Thai…..then I think you need to look at the bigger picture, flip it around, turn it over, and also dont forget to look up :)

Enjoy learning and growing guys :)

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